EventStand Ticketing Solutions offers robust tools to make your event a success.

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Once you create an event, it takes up to 24 hours for approval. Once approved, you can start selling tickets immediately. It’s suggested you set the event settings to be sure to publicly list your event on the EventStand website for more publicity and search engine optimization.

Ticket options for your event can be completely customized from start to finish. Automatically cut off sales by time or adjust inventory levels on the fly. Track your sales and collect information for ticket holders as they checkout. With your guests tickets in-hand, you'll be able to instruct them, check them in quickly and let them enjoy the party!

Build your team and strengthen your sales using EventStand.
EventStand gives you the ability to set up your team, assign each promoter a link, track their sales and even give them access to their sales numbers. Organize your promoters by group and give them the recognition (or commission) they deserve!

Sales Tracking.
Track your event and sales during the sales period and after the event takes place. Chart your sales, promoter referrals and individual tickets sold. Get paid QUICKLY and start planning the next event.

All results are able to be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for record keeping and further analysis.

Take it an extra step and check in your guests using a computer or smartphone*. This way, you can see how many of your guests actually showed up. It will also send the guest a confirmation email thanking them for their attendance.

Built with Event Hosts in mind, the EventStand iPhone app is available on Apple iTunes for free. It allows you to check in guests at the door by scanning their barcode or looking them up on the list.


Your Custom Design.
Our custom Blue Label solution will integrate our technology with your existing website or create a new website for you to manage your events and ticketing. You'll access all the EventStand benefits without ever leaving your website. Contact us to get a quote!


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